GRAND MEADOWS Grand Hoof - New Dimension in Horse Hoof Supplement- 5lb,10lb,25lb
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GRAND MEADOWS Grand Hoof - New Dimension in Horse Hoof Supplement- 5lb,10lb,25lb

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Product Description


New Dimension in Horse Hoof Supplement

Available in 5lb, 10lb, 25lb

Grand Meadows Hoof Support Care:

Our hoof products have been recommended by farriers for years, many of whom could not believe the results they saw on horses with hooves that needed help. While you have to be patient as it takes months for a hoof to benefit you will be amazed at the changes you will see over time.


“In my shoeing practice, we have had difficult hoof issues. Grand Hoof is the best specific hoof supplement I've ever used and the only one I recommend. I have used this product now for many years and am still amazed by the results. Correct shoeing and Grand Hoof is my best recommendation for healthy feet.”

Dieter Krohnert
Official farrier for the German Olympic Equestrian Teams


Problems with your horse’s hooves?
Are you tired of losing shoes, dealing with crumbly hoof walls, quarter cracks, tender and sore hooves? Building a healthy hoof is crucial to keeping your horse sound and performing at his best.

Grand Hoof’s original formula, developed over 20 years ago is a formula that has all the ingredients to support the growth and maintenance of strong, tough, healthy hooves. Their potent formulas will give you the best and fastest results – results you and your farrier have been looking for.

First you’ll see a new healthier band of hoof growth directly below the coronary band. Remember – it takes 3-6 months for solid improvement and almost a year for the hoof to completely grow out.

• Biotin, stimulates keratin production in the hoof’s laminae and coronary band to support
the hoof wall, frog and white line, minimizing weak walls and cracks and protecting the
exterior hoof wall from moisture damage.

• Methionine increases delivery of hoof building nutrients and supports the
connective tissues inside the hoof wall. Methionine work as vasodilators,
relaxing blood vessels vital to circulating nutrient rich blood into the small capillaries
inside the hoof.

• Zinc, Copper, Lysine and B-6 – are important for protein and enzyme synthesis for
proper hoof function and growth.

• Diamond V™ Prebiotic Fermented Yeast supports feed digestibility and utilization.

Other brands need up to 6X more...

Don’t be fooled that more is better.

Many companies add higher levels of biotin, but use a diluted 1% triturated form. We tested a number of popular brands with high Biotin claims and found actual ingredients didn’t match label claims. Grand Hoof formulas use a concentrated pure grade of stabilized Biotin and the proper ratio of hoof-building nutrients. Results from research prove just 15-20 mg of biotin works.

Product Facts • Per 1oz. (28.5 g) unit
Biotin 20 mg
Methionine 3,000 mg
DiamondV™ Prebiotic Yeast 400 mg
Lysine 1,500 mg
Zinc 250 mg
Copper 50 mg
Vitamin B-6 20 mg
Grand Hoof ™
Powerful Hoof Nutrients

• Biotin
• Methionine
• Zinc, Copper, Lysine and B-6
• Diamond V™ Prebiotic
Fermented Yeast

Available in:
5 lb. (2.2 kg) - 80 servings
10 lb. (4.54 kg) - 160 servings
25 lb. (11.36 kg) - 400 servings

What do others think of this product?

“I definitely am convinced with the results from Grand Hoof. Our sport and pleasure horses do not need only personal attention, but also a lot of healthcare to keep their performance at its peak. Grand Hoof is the best specific hoof supplement I’ve ever used or recommended. I have used Grand Hoof for years and am still amazed by the results. In my shoeing clinic/practice we have had the most incredible hopeless cases of hoof problems and have had the success of turning these around into healthy feet feeding Grand Hoof and, of course, the correct shoeing techniques.”
- Dieter, Official farrier of the German Olympic Dressage Team

"I've been a farrier for twenty years, and I've seldom recommended a nutritional product for my clients' horses. However, in recent years I noticed a difference in the quality of hoof in horses on Grand Hoof. The champion show horses I shoe require constant attention to keep their feet in top shape. Grand Hoof in combination with a balanced feed program has given these horses a better foot for me to work with. I have especially noticed an improvement in horses that have been brought to me with hoof problems to begin with. Whether for the world champion or the backyard barefoot pony, I suggest Grand Hoof to all my clients."
Mike, trainer

Grand Meadows Animal Health Quality and Excellence You Can Trust - for over 25 years Grand Meadows Animal Health has supplied high quality products such as Grand Flex and has earned an exceptional reputation for researching and formulating effective nutritional supplements - one of the first companies to earn an "A" Rating.

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